Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Presentation with Impact

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Our one and two day Presentation courses have been our most popular from the very beginning of Impact Factory, and the reason is very clear:  if you can’t present well, it’s unlikely you’ll progress to your full potential.

We’ve seen this time and time again – delegates come to our courses because their career advancement has stalled and they find themselves overlooked and shunted to the side-lines.  This inability to move forward is often caused by a fear of presenting which in turn means they miss out on opportunities to express themselves, demonstrate their skills and talents and make the impact they want.

One or two days with Impact Factory has proven immensely helpful, so much so, that we were asked if we could create an even longer version to really dig deep into the subject.

That’s when Presentation with Impact was born.

One of our shorter Presentation courses builds people’s confidence, their understanding of what happens in front of an audience, their skills in presenting with flair and style, their ability to cope under pressure.

Our Five Day Elite Presentation with Impact takes presenting to a whole new level: it is all about becoming a master of the craft of presenting.  One delegate described it as getting an injection of charisma he didn’t even know he had.  Five days of immersion will do that!

We say that this course needs courage; presenting is already a challenge to many people and to spend five days mining deeply into the subject and stretching each delegate’s capacity and creativity can be daunting – it can also be transforming.

There’s also time to learn more ‘tricks of the trade’ – bringing PowerPoint to life and being in charge of it instead of the other way around, learning the craft of storytelling to bring a freshness and inventiveness to each presentation, learning how to truly inspire and motivate an audience.

Presentation with Impact isn’t just about becoming a brilliant presenter; it is about gaining insight into yourself, how you work best and how to use your authentic, original self in everything you do.

Check out Impact Factory’s Elite Five Day Presentation with Impact courses.

By Jo Ellen Grzyb, Director, Impact Factory

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